Megawatt is a card game that challenges you to build an electricity grid.


Ages: 10+ | Players: 3-5 | Minutes: 30+ | Cards: 142

For non-commercial use


Build a grid that balances POWER and IMPACT. You have limited COIN to spend.

Boost your hand or mess with other players using Action cards.

Adapt as the world changes around you when new Event cards appear.

Can you power the future?



Use Megawatt in the classroom to teach about energy.


Use Megawatt to talk about careers in energy and your future projects.


Games are shipped on Mondays and we’ll email you a confirmation when your package is on the move.

Yes. We can send Megawatt internationally but you will need to pay any extra customs fees and tax.

Yes. Megawatt will be posted in a cardboard box with starch packing peanuts.

Reply to your order confirmation email or use the contact card above.

Read the instructions!

You can try but you might run out of cards.

Megawatt challenges players to solve the problem of building an electricity grid. We used real-world data to build a simplified model of power, impact and cost. We’ll share our methodology in some future blog posts.

Maybe, try playing the game before making up your mind. Event cards have a big effect on the balance of the game.

Megawatt was designed for the classroom with themes that map across to curriculum points in geography and science. We can run training sessions to help you use Megawatt and are developing lesson plans that expand on the base game.

Delivering outreach activities with Megawatt is fun for students and ambassadors alike. Megawatt supports schools in delivering on the Gatsby careers guidance benchmarks by bringing industry into the classroom. If you want to use Megawatt commercially, get in touch to discuss the options.