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Megawatt City

Discover Energy with Megawatt, an award-winning card game that challenges you to build an electricity grid.


Megawatt game

Watch the video for an introduction to Megawatt from our founder, or scroll down for an overview of how the game works.

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Build a grid that balances POWER and IMPACT. You have limited COIN to spend.

Use Tech cards to supply POWER.

Improve your grid using Upgrade cards.

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action card

Boost your hand or mess with other players using Action cards.

Adapt to a changing world as Event cards put your grid to the test.

event card

Game Instructions

Every copy of the game comes with a set of instructions. You can download this here, or if you’d prefer, you can watch this instructional video:

What happens when I buy Megawatt?

Games are shipped on Mondays and we'll send you a confirmation email when it's on the way.

Can I buy Megawatt if I am outside the UK?

Yes. We can send Megawatt internationally but you will need to pay any extra customs fees and tax.

Can I recycle the packaging?

Yes. Megawatt will be posted in a cardboard box with starch packing peanuts.

How do I get in touch if I have a problem?

Reply to your order confirmation email or email 

Can I play Megawatt with more than 5 players?

You can try but you might run out of cards!

How did you develop Megawatt?

We used real-world data to build a simplified model of power, impact and cost. We’ll share our methodology in

some future blog posts. We also play tested the game a lot!


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