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Meet curriculum requirements on energy topics across geography, science and PSHE subjects.


Find all our supporting resources for Megawatt here!

Megawatt files

These files are made available under the following Creative Commons License. Please make sure you understand the license conditions before downloading the files.

If you’d like to use Megawatt outside of these conditions, check out our Partnership page.

Megawatt Files


Printing guidelines for professional printing

 Card dimensions                   Poker cards (63 x 88mm) with 3mm radius corners

 Cards per pack                                                                                                        142

 Cards Material                                   300gsm +,Black Cored, Playing Card Board

 Leaflet dimensions                                                           Large Tarot (89 x 127mm)

 Leaflet material                                                                                        130gsm silk

 Tuck Box dimensions                                                                   Poker (63 x 88mm)

Printing guidelines for printing at home

  • Print on A4 paper, ideally in colour.

  • Print double-sided to have both sides of the card on one piece of paper. Alternatively

Teacher resources

Watch our Teachers Guide video to learn how to use our resources:






Teacher resources


  • Primary School Guide COMING SOON

Further resources

We will be developing further resources to support the game, such as card factfiles, country profiles, career pathways and more!

If you are interested in supporting the development of these, get in touch.

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