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classroom playing Megawatt

 Why use Megawatt in the classroom? 


Meet curriculum requirements on energy topics across geography, science and PSHE subjects.


Provide great careers guidance by linking curriculum to careers and enabling encounters with employers and employees.


Engage learners in a new way, providing teachers with a fun solution for teaching about energy and climate change.

Megawatt can be played by a range of ages, starting from upper primary all the way to sixth form!

Take a look at what some schools have been saying about their Megawatt experience:

Room of welsh students playing Megawatt

Yr10 Physics Teacher

Thank you very much for coming in. I spoke with a number of the students the following day and the feedback was great - they really enjoyed it!

We offer a number of ways to deliver Megawatt at your school:

Magnox STEM Ambassador using Megawatt in a classrooom

Megawatt Workshops

Our most popular option, our DBS-checked energy expert will come to your school and deliver a Megawatt workshop suited to your needs - from a 1 hour session all the way to a full day workshop, including a careers talk, a teacher training session and a class set of Megawatt.

school students playing Megawatt

8 Megawatt decks & Training

Enough Megawatt decks for a whole classroom, as well as a 1 hour virtual training session that will equip teachers with everything they need to know to deliver effective lessons using Megawatt.

School students playing Megawatt

8 Megawatt decks

The most cost effective way to use Megawatt is to purchase some decks for your classroom and use our free resources to help you deliver a lesson. We recommend purchasing one game for every 4 students in your class - 8 decks will cover the majority of class sizes.

Megawatt at The Big Bang Fair

Megawatt exhibited at The Big Bang Fair in June 2022 with great success.

As the UK’s largest celebration of STEM, thousands of students aged 11-14 attended to get hands on with science. We were thrilled to see so many students and teachers enjoy playing Megawatt and discover energy through play. They couldn’t wait to see Megawatt in their classrooms!

Megawatt at the Big Bang Fair, 2022
Megawatt at the Big Bang Fair, 2022
Megawatt at the Big Bang Fair, 2022
Megawatt at the Big Bang Fair, 2022

Megawatt and the curriculum

Megawatt can help you meet curriculum requirements across Geography, Physics and PSHE subjects. This can be through either playing Megawatt, using the cards to run activities using the resources above, or inviting STEM Ambassadors into your classroom.



Physical geography and human geography relating to the use of natural resources | Weather and Climate | Understanding geographical similarities, differences and links between places between an African and Asian region.


Consequences of and responses to extreme weather conditions and natural weather hazards | How humans use, modify and change ecosystems and environments in order to obtain energy resources | The causes and consequences of uneven global development on technological and political development in a poorer country or newly emerging economy.



Fuels and energy resources.


Renewable and non-renewable energy sources used on Earth, changes in how these are used.



The range of opportunities available to them for career progression, including in education, training and employment | To challenge stereotypes about particular career pathways, maintain high aspirations for their future and embrace new opportunities.

Gatsby Benchmarks

Linking STEM employers and schools by using Megawatt is a fantastic way to showcase different career pathways in energy, supporting you in meeting the Gatsby benchmarks and provide great careers guidance. By running a workshop or inviting STEM Ambassadors into the classroom, your school can meet a number of the Gatsby benchmarks.

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